Customer satisfaction: the lead metric (2)

In an earlier post I pondered meaningful approaches to measuring customer satisfaction.

I’ve bumped into a couple of items about measurement which I enjoyed. Nothing conclusive yet.

  1. Hilarious article by Joel Spolsky about how management consultants get big businesses to pay money for nothing, because they persuade those businesses to pay attention to the wrong metrics.
  2. Interesting article from Fast Company about how business folk like to measure and prove, but designers like to peer into customer needs and desires, then have ideas based on those insights and push into the unknown.

I’ve also found out a bit more about the approach used by the telecoms operator I mentioned last time. It seems they picked a metric to tackle: churn was the first. Then they used several qualitative research methods to understand the factors affecting the metric. And then they rapid prototyped some solutions in a small area of their customer base to see what impact they could have.

Again, it seems to come down to…

  • Business metrics to identify problem areas and measure success
  • Qual research to discover how to improve the metric

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