About me

Hi. I’m Phil Barrett.

I’m head of Product and Design at OfferZen, South Africa’s leading tech talent marketplace.  I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I was a user experience consultant for about 17 years.  It started in 1999, when I helped bootstrap Flow Interactive in London.  As consultancy director I worked with heaps of smart people to build up Flow’s reputation and size.  In 2007 I moved to South Africa, and started a Flow office there too. Flow UK became part of Foolproof. And in 2014,  I sold Flow South Africa to Deloitte Digital. After working as an associate director at Deloitte Digital, I moved to a role as a design director at Barclays Africa’s Design Office (now Absa), and eventually ended up as head of the Design Office.

I’ve designed all sorts of user experiences and done research and testing with hundreds of “users” in the process. I’ve worked with plenty of different organisations too – including Vodafone, Standard Life, Old Mutual, Barclays and The BBC.

But I noted years ago that good design means nothing if you can’t get it shipped. So my projects have always focussed on finding ways to help teams focus on shipping the right things for their customers. I got lots of opportunity to grow and develop my product management skill at Flow, Deloitte and Absa.  Now I’m leading product for OfferZen.

(Early years: During the ’90s, I studied computer science, and then communications.  I designed and developed websites and managed production teams for TV Guide in the US, and for the BBC and lastminute.com in the UK).

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